A giant leap for Bubbl

There’s a tatty old piece of card that has been stuck on the notice board above my computer, for what seems like forever. On the card is a quote that I held dear during the very early days of Bubbl. Over time, the words on the card have faded into the noisy background of post-its, plans, reminders, postcards and calendar days that have long since passed.

As I write this, I have felt drawn again to the quote.

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.” Voltaire

Sometimes it can feel like the degrees of progression are so slow as to be totally stationary. But any founder will tell you that even if you don’t see anything moving, we certainly do.

That’s why these last few weeks have been so incredible for us here at Bubbl. The launch of Bubbl Lite has felt like a giant leap forward. In reality, that giant is a million baby steps all joined together.

For those of you that may not already know, Bubbl Lite is our new self-serve product, designed for the SMEs of this world. It is a solution that will allow these businesses to fully embrace their local communities and use the environment around them to create fun and engaging marketing campaigns.

It’s geofencing, Jim, but not as you know it!

The response since we launched has been genuinely heartwarming. Not only the sense of validation we feel having spent a long time honing our craft and refining our product but to hear the many (and I mean MANY) stories from smaller businesses who have been crying out for a product like this for such a long time.

The mask has slipped from social media. It’s obvious now that it’s not fit for purpose. We can’t rely on email marketing either, especially not with the younger generations consuming almost all of their content on mobile apps. And as for hiring a marketing or PR agency? Well, if you’ve got the money to spare, good luck to ya!

Clearly, Bubbl Lite has come at the right time, and just in time. An affordable, intuitive product that’ll supercharge any mobile app, opening up a world of engagement opportunities. And yes, just like our standard Bubbl product, it works even when the app isn’t open!

I’ve often been asked why that is considered a key feature of what we do. Why does it matter when people are glued to their phones all the time anyway?

The answer is simple, really.

We are not about fighting for your attention while you’re scrolling through stuff on your phone. We are about augmenting and enhancing your real-world experience. We are about connecting you with people and the places around you, keeping you informed of the buzz and activity of your local community. As an app user, that’s valuable. As an app owner, it’s priceless.

One example that got us all very excited this week, was an email from a local tourism board that wanted to enquire about transforming their existing app into an interactive, virtual tour guide that gave visitors information and nuggets of history as they walked around the town. As the visitors enter a predetermined geofence, they trigger a notification that contains rich media content that educates and entertains them in a fun way. Think of it like Pokemon Go, mixed with a tour guide.

But that’s not all…

The local restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions can all get in on this, too. We can set a geofence around an area that surrounds a local restaurant. when visitors enter that geofence, they are greeted with a notification that goes them 10% off their bill if they present the message to the staff at the restaurant. This is a game changer for local businesses that may miss out on their share of the footfall due to lack of visibility or online presence.

Gone are the days of scrolling through websites, maps, and review sites. Visitors to this town only need to install the app before they get there and away they go!

And that really is the point of Bubbl Lite. We’re removing restrictions, barriers, and obstacles. Leaving you free to explore the world around you. With that in mind, I’m taking my dog Marley out for a much-needed walk!