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Simple and effective location triggered mobile marketing tools, developed by industry veterans.

Our story so far.

Built by marketing industry experts and highly skilled developers, Bubbl provides companies with simple off the shelf location triggered mobile marketing tools that work. We’re disruptors, innovators with a passion for developing simple, but sophisticated technologies that build genuine relationships between companies and consumers.

Our promise is to provide easy to install, accurate and elegant functionality that allows you to deliver sophisticated mobile customer engagement, bridging the communication gap between app, consumer and location, event or venue.

Our product is simple, the real magic is what you can do with it.

Our values.



Truth, trust and integrity drive an honest approach that runs through everything we do across our tech and team.



We care about our business but we also care about yours, thrilling your app users is our aim.



We aim to consciously  operate in pursuit of making communications that are better for all.



We solve challenges with new ways of doing things, our tech drives innovation in the mobile marketing sector.

Ready to engage with your audience, where, when and how you want to?

Our affiliations.

Bubbl maintains high standards relating to ESG (governance plus our environmental and social impact). We do this through our commitment to ethical governance, diversity in recruitment, and aligning our business priorities to wider ‘tech for good’ organisations and awards that acknowledge best of breed products. 

We are a member of the Employers Initiative for Domestic Abuse, and value our partnerships with Domestic Violence charities which strengthen our commitment to increasing digital access for survivors of Domestic Violence. 

As members of the ICO we ensure our management of data is in full compliance with GDPR and other international privacy regulations.

We are part of the Conscious Ad Network and are committed to their manifesto… that Ad industry ethics must now catch up with the technology of modern advertising. Brands do not live in a vacuum and the money spent on advertising has a profound impact on society. 

Respecting privacy.

As a company, Bubbl strives to maintain high standards relating to GDPR and managing user privacy and informed consent. This also includes our policy regarding our ESG (our governance plus our environmental and social impact). As members of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), and The Conscious Ad Network Coalition, we strictly adhere to their privacy codes and ethics standards.

Direct Marketing Association

The DMA Code is an aspirational agreement to which all DMA members and their business partners must adhere.

It aims to promote one-to-one marketing as a true exchange of value between a business, looking to prosper, and a customer, looking to benefit – and provides five clear principles against which member’s conduct is measured.

Conscious Ad Network

CAN is a UK-based international coalition of over 150 advertisers, agencies, tech providers and civil society groups.

We’re breaking the economic link between advertising and the harmful content that divides communities, excludes diverse voices, exploits children, and undermines scientific consensus. #TogetherWeCAN

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