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The Bigger Bubbl with Japhet Kapinga of Boomplay continued…


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ― Aldous Huxley

In part one of my chat with Japhet Kapinga of Boomplay, we learnt about the platform’s beginnings, the challenges that itself and indeed the wider industry faces and what sets Boomplay apart.

In this part, we talk about the future of the platform and what role tech plays in the evolution of the music industry. We also find out why it’s great to work at Boomplay.

Over to you, Japhet!

4. How important is innovative technology in the music industry?

Better distribution

Back in the day, it was a difficult task to produce quality music and it was a momentous task to make sure the music got heard by the world because in most cases distribution was done via hard copies of tracks. This often meant it took a musician years to get worldwide recognition. 

The advancement of technology changed the story; the internet empowered musicians to be able to get their music heard globally without having to transfer huge amounts of hard copies to other parts of the world. Platforms like Boomplay have helped a lot of musicians to sell digital copies of their music to a worldwide audience, expanding their fan base across the world.

Advancement and emergence of new musical genres through cross-cultural interaction

Technology has a big role in transforming the way music is created worldwide – in particular by simplifying cross-cultural interactions.

For example, up until a few years ago, hip hop music was considered unacceptable and associated with gangsters and hooligans by the people of Tanzania. Technology has allowed greater access and acceptance of this genre through the creation of hybrid forms like afro hip-hop, rap cartoon (in Tanzania), hip-hop genge (Kenya)

Easier Promotion and Accessibility

File sharing websites and social networks have made it cheaper and efficient for musicians to promote themselves and create prospects for growth of their music, carrier and fan base, as now we don’t have to wait for tapes, radios and CDs or concerts to experience the latest trends in the music industry, someone is able to download and stream the most recent song through platforms such as Boomplay. All you need is an internet connection.

5. What are the future plans for Boomplay?

Our understanding and positioning of the music streaming business is that it is “content-driven, technology-supported”. We will further increase the content uptake and increase the catalogue with high-quality content to provide our users with a more complete and rich music library. At the same time, we will also increase support for original music, and provide funds to support more local high-quality music creators, and provide them with multiple levels of business opportunities. Technically, we will continue to further improve our product experience, such as recommendation algorithms, so that our users can find their favourite songs more quickly and conveniently. At the same time, we will also strengthen cooperation with African music producers to launch more sound services for African genres in Africa, and further enhance the listening experience of African music.

6. What is your favourite thing about working at Boomplay?

A strong supportive culture, the best thing about working with Boomplay is we have a  sense of unity as a team, and we are all highly motivated to achieve every goal and target we have set. Our culture also offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful.  Professional growth is a priority, Boomplay has always supported professional growth for employees.

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