Bubbl raises £350,000 in latest funding round to drive commercial development cycle of new mobile geofencing customer engagement innovation, ahead of Q3 launch


Proximity marketing plug in delivers Geotargeted Engagements to support businesses to build better customer relationships in the GDPR aftermath.

Bubbl, the ground-breaking drop-in solution for mobile proximity marketing, announced today it has started live trials as part of its co-development programme with partners across the entertainment, retail and broadcast sectors. The company has raised a further £350,000 funding from angel investors to fund the testing stage ahead of a full launch in Q3 2018.

The funding announcement comes as Bubbl is named by Tech London Advocates CreativeTech 100, as one of the top 100 businesses in the UK harnessing the commercial potential of creativity. It’s also hot on the heels of the start-up’s recognition as one of only three finalists in the Advertising Week Europe best European technology start up awards.

The Bubbl customer engagement platform, and plugins for apps unlock direct real-time communication for marketers in a way unachievable before. The company’s patent-pending technology delivers Geotargeted Engagements (GTEs), enhancing existing mobile apps and enabling marketers to deliver location-aware marketing tools to end-customers dramatically improving customer retention.

Key benefits of the Bubbl solution for businesses:
• Simple bolt-on with white label functionality that blends into your app and provides new content marketing opportunities.
• Capability to run multiple geofence triggered marketing campaigns simultaneously and across limitless number of events, venues or locations.
• Fully GDPR compliant as no personal data, privacy breach or data tracking is required.

Bubbl enables brands to reach anonymous app users with ‘in the moment’ push and pull customer engagement notifications, without the need for active WiFi or beacons. Businesses can gather quick and easy feedback live as their target audience experiences an event, approaches or leaves a venue, via real-time analytics.

Jo Eckersley, CEO of Bubbl, said:

“Bubbl was set up with a vision to provide genuine customer engagement via an easy-to-use solution. Our product addresses three major problems in the marketing industry: irrelevant messages, privacy & security, and the complexity of solutions. Bubbl is a media first: no one else is using geofencing in a dynamic, push notification environment like we are. Thanks to our groundbreaking technology, marketers can now hyperfocus their campaigns by location, time and preferences leading to better results than ever before”.

Bubbl’s dynamic, real-time delivery enables brands to build deeper customer relationships by unlocking creativity in mobile marketing:

Provide exclusive video, audio or picture content direct to those at your event, or in a specific location, in real time, dynamic ways.
Change campaigns on the fly in response to feedback, events, weather etc
Generate new revenue streams
Discover how many people with your app enter a venue, location or store hourly, daily and weekly and convert passers-by into consumers to improve performance.
Run innovative promotions and competitions using locations and real-time engagement

For further information, please contact:
Kate Matthews
T: +44 20 7048 2700