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Bubbl Showcases Geolocation Technology at the IBS & Traveltech Lab Partnership Kick-off Event



Traveltech Lab and IBS


Bubbl, which helps companies supercharge mobile apps to deliver in-the-moment customer engagement, will demonstrate its geolocation plugin technology at the kick off of IBS and Traveltech Lab partnership at The Traveltech Lab offices on 5.04.17. Sponsored by IBS in partnership with TraveltechLab, the event will feature a number of high-level entrepreneurs and start-ups who are developing innovative solutions for the travel, aviation, hospitality and logistics industries.

With a few lines of simple code that can be easily installed within minutes into an existing mobile app, companies using Bubbl technology can create virtual fences around venues and directly engage with customers entering or exiting the defined geographical area. App users retain their privacy and businesses get dynamic communications and endless opportunities to build and improve their brands’ profiles.

The IBS & Traveltech Lab partnership aims to boost innovation in the travel sector. With a domain expertise of nearly twenty years in the Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industries, IBS helps customers stay ahead of the competition by facilitating business innovation and enabling transformational changes using next generation technologies. Some of the best airlines, busiest airports, leading cruise lines, top oil & gas companies and renowned travel distributors & hotel groups in the world depend on IBS software to manage their mission critical operations.

A combined venture between London & Partners (the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency for London) and The Trampery (a London-based social enterprise which focuses on enabling entrepreneurship through providing workspaces), Traveltech Lab is the first of its kind innovation hub in London and offers entrepreneurs the facilities and environment they need to foster innovation and grow their businesses, including access to industry leaders, investors and mentor-consultants.

Bubbl is a state-of-the-art white label app plugin and cloud analytics customer engagement platform that provides companies with a disruptive ‘off-the-shelf’ geolocation solution for proximity marketing. It integrates with any iOS or Android app, unlocking live rich media customer engagement for multiple geofenced locations.