CreativeTech is booming… isn’t it time you got in on the action?

CreativeTech is booming… isn’t it time you got in on the action?

In recent years, London has become a truly global tech hub thanks to its perfect blend of world-class universities, emerging talent, incubators, accelerators and accessible co-working spaces. This, alongside the city’s strong cultural identity and illustrious reputation as a global centre for creativity, combines to create the perfect hotbed for a brand-new industry, CreativeTech, to flourish.

Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates, sums it up thus:

“From fashion to gaming, advertising to design, creative industries throughout the UK have been transformed through the implementation of new and exciting technologies. London is building a mature CreativeTech ecosystem by co-opting existing legacy strengths, using the UK’s well-established creative sector to build a new tech vertical with digital and innovation at its core.”

Yes, CreativeTech is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now.

And just as bitcoin, the digital wallet and cryptocurrency have revolutionised the world of finance, we will soon see new norms in established creative sectors. And as Fintech drove an explosion of new, disruptive businesses, we believe the collision of tech and creativity is set to unlock new and exciting growth areas for the UK economy.

Bubbl is proud to be included in the Tech London Advocates and Creative Industries Federation’s CreativeTech Catalogue. We’ve been named as one of The Creative 100 that are driving innovation in this exciting and emerging sector. We stand next to other pioneers including Not On The High Street, Screendragon and Unruly as passionate advocates of the emerging CreativeTech industry.

Unlocking creativity is the central thought driving our business. We are passionate about enabling creativity in mobile marketing so brands can build better relationships with their consumers by providing them with services and connections that will improve their lives.

London is already globally recognised as the capital city for creativity – with tech innovations powering a new wave of talent, we believe the growth potential for CreativeTech is hugely exciting!

Want to join the CreativeTech revolution? Request a demo of our innovative technology and see how it can transform your business.