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What is CreativeTech and why should I care?

What is it?

CreativeTech is an exciting new tech vertical which is driving innovation across the Creative Industries bringing together creativity and technology in innovative ways to create new, disruptive products and services.

Who is driving this new sector?

Tech London Advocates has created a working group to champion CreativeTech.

The group was formed to engage tech entrepreneurs in opportunities within the Digital Creative Markets and aside from other more conventional creative industries like music, film and games, it also encompasses Marketing, Advertising, Design and Media.
The Tech Advocates CreativeTech group showcases and supports emerging CreativeTech start-ups via pitchcamps, mentoring and promotion to demonstrate the dynamism and momentum of the sector.

It also aims to leverage examples of successful companies in this space, in order to craft a creative tech voice within government, such as successfully campaigning for the introduction of a Chief Digital Officer for London to champion emerging areas such as this.

Who are the leading CreativeTech businesses?

London Tech Advocates launched its CreativeTech Catalogue which lists The Creative 100 – the key businesses that are pioneering the CreativeTech sector.

Businesses cited as leading this new industry include Not On The High Street, Unruly, Affinio, Karmaram and Bubbl.

How is Bubbl a CreativeTech business?

Bubbl’s patented geofencing tools have created a ground-breaking drop-in solution for mobile proximity marketing. Their technology unlocks creativity in mobile marketing for brands that are seeking to build better relationships with their audiences.

The company is disrupting proximity marketing by providing an alternative to the digital marketing industry’s legacy of complexity, irrelevancy and privacy issues. Instead, brands can now run hyper-local campaigns which deliver ‘in-the-moment’ marketing, reaching consumers with the right message, at the right time and in the right place.

Where can I find out more?

Look out for the annual Createch event which is dedicated to all things CreativeTech.

To find out more about how Bubbl is bringing creativity and technology to transform businesses, book a demo today!