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ILMC (International Live Music Conference) is quite possibly my favourite event in the music industry calendar. A live music industry conference set over three intensive days of discussions, workshops, performances, games and networking, all set in a beautiful hotel in Kensington – what’s not to like?

This year’s ILMC was, as ever, enjoyed by the world’s top live music industry figures. In the years I have been attending, I have witnessed a notable shift in conversation. Gone are the days of doom and gloom and here (hopefully to stay) in their place is a forward thinking, passionate, innovative and culturally aware industry that has embraced the tech world and vice versa.

It is technology that has aided the huge upswing in the fortunes of an industry that, just a few years ago, was being read its last rites by many. Event marketing has become an artform and the fan has been placed at the very centre of everything – just as it should be! I for one, am very excited about what is around the corner – and our part in it.

“Brand new ways of thinking”

We were fortunate enough to hear from leading global brands who spoke about using their popularity and reach for good causes, such as sustainability, equality and mental health. We witnessed the tech companies of tomorrow’s visions for enhancing and enriching fan experiences.

We all agreed that our industry’s collective mental health is something precious and to be valued above all else.

“The environment in our industry isn’t particularly conducive to leading a healthy lifestyle.” – Jana Watkins, the head of human resources at Live Nation making a statement that although seems pretty obvious, is something that gets glossed over amid the excitement and glamour of a hard working and hard playing industry. It was heartening to hear this topic being discussed so openly and equally positive to know we will look out for each other going forward.

“Same old game, new rules”

There was even a star or two to add to the proceedings, including bona fide rock legend, The Who’s Roger Daltrey and pop superstar, the inimitable Dua Lipa.

As suspected, these two leading lights attracted huge audiences, these standing room only session attendees were treated to a rock star royalty trip down memory lane and a fascinating insight into the meteoric rise of one of pop’s most influential and exciting forces. Echoing the sentiment of the importance of fan relationships, Dua Lipa said “I try to use my platform to speak out; I’ve always been quite outspoken and never been afraid to say things that are true to me. I feel a duty to be a voice for my fans, because they’ve given that [platform] to me.”

“Ideas bubbling below the surface”

Bubbl were honoured to have been invited to talk on the new tech panel and our very own Jo Eckersley presented to an attentive audience – some of whom we are looking forward to progressing our relationships with further in the near future.

The beauty of Bubbl was clear for all to see – we, and our product, seek to work alongside others, to supercharge an existing creation, to make your great idea just that little bit more great. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and we like nothing more than finding what other companies are up to and if we can help. We were extremely happy with all of the positive feedback we got from the delegates – the food was wonderful, too.

Like the other companies on the panel, including Amondo, Fandragon, Event Genius, Piktical, Festyevent and more, we actively engage in positive change. Fans work hard for their money and we all agree, they deserve the best possible experience.

Across the three days, deals were done, friendships were made and we just had a good old time talking about the thing we love the most – live music!

As always, the conference went by in a whirlwind. As people began to make their way home on Friday, I left buzzing with excitement and happy in the knowledge that we introduced Bubbl into the best industry in the universe.

Here’s to many more ILMCs!