Not heard of GTE yet? Get ahead of the curve with our lowdown on the new technology set to revolutionise the way we measure mobile marketing…

What is GTE?

GTE stands for Geotargeted Engagements.

Put simply, it is the push or pull notification that reaches your customer because they have travelled into or out of your geofenced location.

Hasn’t this technology been around for a while now?

It’s true geofencing technology has been around for a few years, however its potential to engage with customers in real time with dynamic content has never been fully realised. This is due to a number of challenges facing the industry around privacy, complexity and reliability.

How is Bubbl changing things?

Bubbl’s patented technology is transforming the way geofencing is used, unlocking creative ways for marketers to build relationships with customers through their device.

With 5G just around the corner, consumers increasingly expect a rich media experience from their apps and geofencing campaigns will deliver this kind of dynamic and engaging experience in the consumers’ own environment, to build deeper relationships and deliver high volume GTE.

So what kind of GTE content can be served?

This is where things get really exciting. For the first time ever, Bubbl’s patented geofencing technology enables you to deliver a dynamic, rich media, real-time push and pull notifications to your target audience in their environment.

With no limit to the number of app-centric strategies, Bubbl lets you get creative by offering a choice of multiple ‘pick and mix’ marketing tools, such as:
• Live customer feedback and exit surveys (net promoter scores)
• Push & pull notifications
• New revenue streams via e-commerce
• Video and picture streaming
• Real time, location and context-aware communication

Request a demo to see how you could deliver GTE to build better customer relationships.

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