Geofencing and beacons are both used in proximity marketing. But, what’s the difference between the two?

What do beacons and geofencing do?

In a nutshell, both technologies enable marketers to target app users based on their location. This means they can give them location-triggered marketing messages to build engagement and add value to their app experience.

How are they different?

Beacons are hardware which listen for Bluetooth signals from nearby devices and enable a mobile app to locate a device and deliver location-based marketing.

Geofencing on the other hand is built into the app. With Bubbl, it’s a simple plug-in that takes seconds to install. You can set your geofence boundary and when someone steps inside or outside of it, you can send them tailored rich media content to drive engagement.

What targeting range do they have?

Beacons typically operate in spaces up to around 30 square metres, which is why they are commonly deployed in retail environments.

Geofencing on the other hand can target on both a micro and macro level – enabling you to focus on a space as small as 5 square metres or as large as a continent. This is why geofencing can be utilised in a wider variety of ways – from festivals to city tour guides, hotels to football stadiums.

Are there any ongoing maintenance considerations with either technology?

Beacons are hardware and need replacement batteries to maintain working order. Geofencing is a software plug in to any app so there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Why is there so much buzz around geofencing right now?

Geofencing is exciting because the technology is catching up with the concept of real time customer engagement based on location, which is enabling businesses to target audiences in new and innovative ways. Geofencing will drive creativity in mobile marketing, as marketers can deliver rich media content including video and audio or real time surveys, using geolocation and sophisticated location-aware marketing platforms to reach end-customers in engaging ways.

Bubbl is proud to be a pioneer driving geofencing tech innovation. Our award-winning technology is at the forefront of innovation on the field using geofencing in a dynamic, push and pull advanced notification environment.

Try it for yourself – book a demo of Bubbl’s geofencing technology to see how it could transform your mobile marketing.

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