#London Tech Week #LTW2019

That’s a (Bubbl) wrap!


Aaaaaand breathe…

Phew, what a week this has been!

Anticipation for London Tech Week 2019 was high. It’s fair to say we are on the cusp of some significant changes in the way we interact with technology, so we were chomping at the bit to get amongst the world’s most innovative tech players and hear just what they had to say (as well as contributing our own views, naturally)

It was great to hear from Russ Shaw that the London Tech Week launch on Monday, was a resounding success. It was hugely encouraging to note that this gathering had attracted the attention from figures outside of our world, including our recently resigned PM, Theresa May, who was there to announce that Tech companies across the globe have backed the UK with investments of more than £1.2 billion. That’s a chunk of change for sure!

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, the president of Tech UK, welcomed everyone with opening comments about engaging people with tech and inspiring future generations. Those words kicked off what was seen by many as the best LTW so far.

Here’s a few highlights from that opening day:

On Tuesday, our very own Jo Eckersley went to CogX19 and heard very early on in the day that London and the UK are still seen as very attractive investment propositions in the tech space, despite all the uncertainty of Brexit. This is great news for companies like us who are open to discussions with potential investors at the moment. This panel, which was moderated by Louise Tabbiner, founder of Introsight, featured Ibrahim Ajami, Head of Mubadala Ventures, Christian Angermeyer, CEO & Founder of Apeiron Investment Group and Darmash Mistry, Partner at Lakestar.

Jeremy Wright MP, who spoke at the event said: “People want to be confident that the ethical frameworks for data are in place before we harvest the data needed to fuel AI.” – a sentiment we agree with wholeheartedly here at Bubbl.

Alison Rose, the CEO of Commercial & Private Banking at RBS held an informative and hugely relevant discussion with Dame Vivian Hunt, managing partner at McKinsey & Company and Parmy Olson, staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal. They touched on the disparity between female and male investment success rates and the challenges female entrepreneurs face and that the UK seems to have less than other countries. It’s still hugely inspiring seeing women of this calibre speaking out against this at high profile events and we certainly feel that we are part of this movement for change.

Wednesday was Bloomberg Live and we were treated to a wonderful talk by Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-A-Porter – a truly inspiring individual with valuable insights. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that Bloomberg Live hosted a great selection of female speakers, including Mitchel Baker of Mozilla and Helen Dixon, Irish DPC. It shouldn’t be something that needs to be pointed out in this day and age, but sadly it still is notable. Still, another wonderful day and so much food for thought that we’ve had to take loads home in a doggy bag.

A special mention for Sanjeev Katwa from Tottenham Hotspur FC who discussed the incredible new stadium and all the innovation involved in making the fans experience all that more special, glad that we can bring similar technology to the masses by enabling virtual geofenced locations that can deliver dynamic engagement and content to audiences everywhere.

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Thursday saw Jo continue her move into becoming a superstar speaker talking at Rip It Up, Start Again about the mismatch of short term focus on revenue and the long term trust and truth trade-off that’s impacting the Mobile Marketing space right now – glad we are driving change in this space. She was joined on the Commercial Purpose Panel by Jamie Crummie from Too Good to Go, Giles Rhys-Jones at What3Words, StJohn Deakins at CitizenMe, Nancy Roberts at Umbrella and Alistair Shepherd at Saberr – chaired by Ben Catteneo from All Things Risk.

This could easily turn into a mega essay about the many amazing people that graced this week but I don’t work weekends and the sun has just started shining.

It is heartening to see people talking about positive change, about being brave and authentic in carrying your business values through to your products, respecting users’ privacy, enhancing experiences, using tech to bring about social change, to promote togetherness in a world that is seemingly more divided than ever. This feels like a turning point and tech will play a huge role in this, no doubt about that at all.

The one quote from an audience member at Rip It Up that coined it for us was that focusing on tech alone is a race to the bottom – human engagement is how we will compete. We wholeheartedly agree with this!

To everyone at these events, to anyone who took the time to speak to us, to all those who shared their wisdom, passion, experience and commitment to using tech for good – here’s to you and here’s to the future!