Change is happening in the marketing industry and we should all embrace it

I wrote recently on how important I believe it is for the marketing industry to get back to its original purpose of providing goods and services that genuinely meet customer needs. GDPR has changed the game and, with new ePrivacy rules on the menu for 2019, the tide has well and truly turned – and high time too!

Well, low and behold, we’re starting to see this great shift towards putting the customer front and centre start to gather pace.

The era of data hijackers masked as digital marketers serving irritating and irrelevant content is ending and we are entering a new dawn where a marketing campaign is judged a success by the loyalty it engenders, rather than the clicks it generates.

And if you look, you can see the signs of this shift all around us.

Last week, in the great hullabaloo of the new Apple iOS12 announcement, one feature of the upgrade announcement jumped out at me. Notifications! Apple is making it far easier for customers to manage their notifications, moving towards the much more user-friendly group notifications. Customers will now be able to silence apps that push irrelevant or unwanted content at them with a simple swipe.

A simple switch on the face of it, but for me it marks a huge shift of focus from the delivery of fancy new products and features, towards a goal of creating a better, more enjoyable customer experience. The message for marketers? Be relevant, or shut up!

You might think a company which is based on push notifications such as Bubbl would be trembling with fear at the customer being able to determine which notifications they see. But you’d be wrong.

This approach is completely aligned with our strategy of facilitating genuine customer relationships. We want customers to engage with a brand because they get something from the relationship, not because they are being shouted at so much that they click on it in a bid to be rid of it!

We want to enable brands to create relationships with their customers that are as valuable to them as their personal relationships.

Why wouldn’t you want Topshop to let you know as you pass their shop that they’ve got that dress you’ve been eyeing up in your size in stock?

What if Premier Inn highlighted last minute hotel room rates near you at 11pm on a Friday, connecting with you right at your point of need?

Or for Starbucks to let you know its Buy One Get One Free offer when you’re stuck at Victoria after another train cancellation?

With our technology, brands can become the consumer’s Man Friday, offering the services and products they need, when and where they need them. What more could you ask for? And with brands like Apple making this post-GDPR shift to customer-first strategies, you can bet others will follow.

For Bubbl, it’s all hail to a future with the customer in control!

Want to join the customer-first revolution? Request a demo of our innovative technology and see how it can transform your business.

Jo Eckersley, CEO