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Proximity Marketing is the New Black




It’s pretty clear that the world of marketing would not be the same without mobile phones. But we’re getting to the point where customers are literally bombarded with advertising and brand messages that are out of context, not useful or entertaining. And most important – not relevant to where they are and what they’re doing.


We created Bubbl to empower brands to do better.

We believe that majority of current solutions don’t fulfill brand’s BIG needs and don’t provide genuine consumer engagement. And this is where Bubbl steps in. A simple tool designed to help you thrive in proximity marketing and get more from your mobile app.


Bubbl campaign management platform for proximity marketing


Bubbl – a new way to engage mobile customers with proximity marketing

You may or may not know a whole lot about Bubbl, but here it goes . . .   

Bubbl helps you to create geographically-targeted mobile customer engagement content that your consumers will love. Content that is hyper-relevant to where they are and what they’re doing. Content that just makes sense.

Bubbl uses geolocation technology to identify anonymous location data of your app users. It triggers customer engagement messages as they enter, dwell or leave a specified area.

Whether you want to share backstage images of a band just before the music gig starts. Send festival updates or timely videos to relive the most thrilling moments of a football match. Gauge customers’ feedback when they leave your hotels or restaurants with quick location-aware surveys. Or upsell a day tour around the city. Bubbl does it all in real time. You get an easy-to-use tool to increase conversion, build customer loyalty and boost redemption rates. Your customers get engaging and useful content while keeping their privacy intact.

 Bubbl geofencing plugin for proximity marketing


Bubbl – Make my (mobile marketing) day . . . easier!

We developed Bubbl to make your life easier.

Do you know it only takes a few of minutes to install, set up and manage your location-aware campaigns? Request a free demo today to start engaging with your app users via the most relevant and contextual way possible.