It’s finally time to say goodbye to bad location data

Hooray! It’s finally time to say goodbye to bad location data.

Location-based data has a bad reputation. For years marketers have distrusted it, due in large part to the bad legacy of ad exchanges and bots. Technology like beacons, used widely in proximity marketing, were once seen as the future for LBM (Location-based marketing). Now though, they’re viewed increasingly sceptically due to their limited reach, accountability and reliability issues, which has led to wastage and reduced impact.

However, change is afoot in proximity marketing. Geofencing, a technology which has been bubbling around for a while now is getting a shot in the arm thanks to Bubbl’s patented new tech and is set to transform mobile marketing by addressing this key issue of data reliability.

By using technology that is already in customers’ phones, Bubbl unlocks unmatched mobile engagement opportunities. Your app user is in exactly the right, relevant place when you target them. They retain their privacy and you get dynamic communication and endless opportunities to build relationships, engage consumers and improve your brand’s profile with content, competitions, surveys and innovative customer service.

Improved planning

Think about it. Access to reliable data will transform how you plan your location-based marketing campaigns. Our footfall analysis identifies granular detail upfront, like how many of your app users pass through a particular location hourly, daily or weekly, all of which enables you to develop the right creative campaigns, boost performance and drive profits.

The technology can also help uncover the number of missed opportunities within each area, so you can tweak campaigns or change tactics in real time in order to convert passers-by into valuable consumers.

As the data comes direct from customer devices, you can rely on it to shed light on things like the best time of day to target customers with geo-triggered campaigns to increase sales.

Accurate and precise targeting capabilities

Whether you want to reach people across a matter of a few hundred sqm or a whole continent, Bubbl tech means you can lock down your location and set the features and tools you want to use. And you can change location and campaigns on the fly based on real time data insights, Your app doesn’t even need to be open as geo-triggered mobile engagement can take place at any time.

So maybe it’s time you said goodbye to bad mobile data and get clever with data via geofencing campaigns now.

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