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The wonderfully unpredictable British summer is poking its sunburnt head around the door. Thoughts turn from the misery of a cold and dark commute to the eternal promise of a post-work cider in a beer garden. We dream of a hazy summer of glorious sunshine and longer, fun-filled days.

We are nothing if not hopeful.

They say it’s the hope that kills you – well I say, bugger that. Hope fuels great change. We are seeing it everywhere, not least in the music tech space.

The sun was shining on what was a beautiful evening in London, Thursday, May 16th. Yet, instead of soaking up the rays on the Southbank near our office, we went over to Tavistock Square to attend the first, of hopefully many, Music Tech London events, hosted by the good folk at Tech London Advocates and law firm, Simkins.

As soon as I walked in the door I was hit by the buzz of people chatting away in the drinks reception – yes, it’s free drinks, too – result!

In this era of digital connectivity, it’s easy to forget how inspiring it is to see people interacting in a room, exchanging ideas, listening intently, forging new friendships, sowing the seeds of something bigger. It still inspires me and makes me proud that we are part of this network of innovators.

Drink in hand, we got down to the business of the evening. We heard from a great selection of speakers from a broad range of businesses and backgrounds – some established, some starting out. But this wasn’t your run of the mill series of pitches. Every single talk had value, insight and advice that truly made you feel glad you’d forsaken the sunshine in exchange for this empowering information. They were not selling us something, they were telling us something – thanks, I’m here all week.

If you are a startup or you are an established company entering the exciting world of music tech, or you’re an individual looking to meet people in this space, I can’t recommend this event highly enough.

As anyone working in a cutting edge tech environment will tell you, it can sometimes feel like you are out on your own, fumbling your way through a new frontier, blindly hoping that your ideas, your team, the culture, the timing, just everything comes together just as it needs to.

And then you hear someone say “That sounds great, I’d love to know more.”

Jo and I walked out into the twilight of Central London, with more knowledge, more contacts, more inspiration and in my case, wine-stained teeth.

Thank you Music Tech London, already looking forward to the next one!

Here is a list of the speakers from the event (thanks to all of you for your talks) –


Music Tech London - What are the next Big Opportunities in Music? May 16th 2019

Music Tech London – What are the next Big Opportunities in Music?
May 16th 2019