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Unbound50 selects Bubbl as one of “the most disruptive startups”


Joining the ranks of this year’s Unbound50 showcase, and representing female entrepreneurs as one of the five Female Founders pitching on the main stage this week, Jo Eckersley and Bubbl are bringing AdTech industry disruption to Unbound. Jo is also on the Computer Weekly ‘most influential women in tech’ longlist and the company has just opened a funding round, as they launch their innovative mobile marketing technology into the waiting hands of clients, many of whom have been actively involved in and investing in the development of this technology to date.

Bubbl is a zero party data, mobile marketing platform with a suite of mobile app plugins, that provide a quick and easy way to supercharge any app, with a plug in and play proximity marketing platform that means a Brand can use geolocation, and their own app, to disseminate either video, audio, message or image-based content, plus surveys or footfall with a real-time view of impact and engagement based on time, event and location, significantly advancing the current state of the art.

Founder and CEO, Jo Eckersley, is a highly experienced and influential marketing expert and a seasoned entrepreneur. The Bubbl journey was born out of frustration at mindless marketing, fraudulent ads, invasion of privacy and wasteful marketing practices. All of which exploit consumers and erodes trust in a world where brand loyalty is key to longtime success.

From initial concept up to the latest live product release, Bubbl have been recognised by the wider industry and supported by a range of commercial partners. This includes Innovate UK, who recognised Bubbl as a recipient of funding through their Innovation Loan Programme in 2018, which is funding R&D for the next phase of the product.

Geolocation technology is fast gathering pace in the ad world, as demonstrated in Burger King’s Whopper Detour 9 day award-winning campaign, which swept the board at this year’s Cannes Lions Awards. This was an impressive campaign that rocketed the Brand from 686 in the app stores to number 1 within 48hrs, however it took Burger King 2 years to realise the tech, involving a complete re-coding of the Burger King app, and illustrates the need for a quicker and easier plugin solution like Bubbl which can be installed in about the time it takes to eat a Whopper, for other Brands to replicate this kind of success.

Visit Bubbl at stand 012 at Unbound50 for more information.


For further information please contact craig.swan@bubbl.tech

Bubbl is a London based martech company specialising in geolocation technology that enables the delivery of rich media content direct to app users via native apps. It is a zero party data, easy to install app plug-in with an accompanying cloud based dashboard. Bubbl enabled apps, allow app owners to engage with their customers by delivering the right message, at the right time and in the right place.