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Bubbl selected for Unbound 50 Zone PLUS Jo joins panel of tech disruptors at the Rip It Up for London Tech Week


“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
Frank Zappa

We have a nice warm fuzzy feeling in our collective tummies today as we have not one, but two lovely bits of news to share with you all.

As you may have noticed from previous posts, or even in direct conversation, we’re not shy about saying how we feel about the current state of data-led marketing. We’re passionate about our mission (and it is a mission) to be at the heart of a sea-change to put people first and use tech to enhance and augment our lives and not to commodify us. We are not a number.

So why do we have such a happy feeling on this miserable, yet typical, of rainy summer days?

We received an email from Unbound, the UK’s largest innovation festival. Unbound is an event that sees over 5,000 of the most exciting entrepreneurs, innovators, brand execs and all-round cool folk, gather together and get inspired by each other and what they’re doing.

Well, guess what? They’ve handpicked Bubbl to be part of the Unbound 50 Zone (the curated selection of winners of their competition) to find the best tech startups to represent new innovation.

This is an extremely valuable opportunity for us to show the attendees what we’re all about. It means we will have our own dedicated area and booth, so if you’re attending we’d love to talk to you.

As we did whoops of joy around the office, confusing Marley the Dog momentarily before he returned to chewing his weird toy (seriously, what is that thing?), we received another email….

This time from the great folk at Rip It Up, Start Again. These kindred spirits of disruption, got in touch to ask our CEO, Jo Eckersley, to sit on the Commercial panel as one of a star-studded array of tech disruptors at the Rip It Up for Tech Week event on 13th June.

Check out the Rip It Up, Start Again event here.

Jo had this to say;

“We are a close-knit team made up of individuals from media,music, and creative tech backgrounds. We all have the same frustrations with the way things are currently done. Our tech is led by our desire to get away from data mining, invasions of privacy and mindless marketing. We will empower companies to transform their apps with digital tools that their users will want to use more than once. Bubbl will allow brands to distribute content that really engages and is relevant to consumers. We will give data insights without stealing identities. Tech should improve our lives, not intrude on them. We are proud of what we stand for and are excited to be part of both of these great events”

It is particularly encouraging to know that we are being recognised for our alternative thinking and disruptive tech. We’ve had incredible feedback from our previous appearances and presentations, at a wide range of events, and we hope that this time is no different.

We’re buzzing about both of these events. A huge part of why we love doing this so much is the people we meet and the ideas that come from collaboration.

Plus, you know…It’s always nice to be wanted.