‘In-the-moment’ customer engagement
with data-driven creativity

Hyper-local meets hyper-relevant


Reach your anonymous app users with ‘in-the-moment’ two-way push and pull customer engagement notifications that don’t need active WIFI or beacons.


Gather quick and easy feedback live as your target audience experiences your event, approaches or leaves your venue with real-time analytics.


Provide exclusive, live video content direct to those at your event (no more phones in the air!). Preview new content or send useful video guides.


Discover how many people enter your venue, location or store hourly, daily and weekly and convert passers-by into consumers to improve performance.


Provide exclusive live picture content to your audience with automatic uploads to social media, or use pictures to help a visitor identify the person they are meeting.


Push exclusive merchandise to your audience at an event or venue based on real-time stock, and generate sales while they are in a buying frame of mind.


If you have an application for our technology that isn’t listed here, get in touch! We are developing some innovative uses for geolocation and proximity technology, extending Bubbl’s potential daily.

How it works

Bubbl is an iOS and Android app plug-in and SDK with a sophisticated, highly accurate, geofence activation cloud-based campaign and analytics platform. Whether 5sqm or an island, lock down your location and set the features and tools you want to use. Pick and mix from the features we already offer or we can custom develop engagement tools that are unique to your brand.

All we do is add a simple line of clever code to your existing app. Then you can make the most of our exclusive customer engagement features and the heavyweight analytic tools behind the scenes. It’s easy, you draw a shape around your venue, wait till your customers step into that venue, then you can engage with them directly.

As a business, you can benefit from the mobile phone explosion and connect with a previously unreachable audience, knowing exactly where they are when you target them. They retain their privacy and you get dynamic communication and endless opportunities to build and improve your brand’s profile.

Use our features to drive continual improvement, instantly and dramatically enhancing customer relationships. Take full control of understanding how people perceive your business whilst they are experiencing it, and get them feeling engaged in the process.

Our video below explains the benefits of location-based technology. Once your ideas are flowing, call us so we can help you to customise our dynamic live engagement solutions to empower your customers and take your customer relationships to the next level.

The essence of Bubbl’s location-based technology

Countless additional benefits, but no privacy breach or data tracking required

Revolutionary solution with simple ‘drop-in’ implementation

Revitalise your existing app with location-aware customer engagement tools

Simple bolt-on with white label functionality that blends into your app and provides tailored marketing opportunities.

Capability to run multiple geofence triggered marketing campaigns simultaneously and across limitless number of events, venues or locations.

No limit to the number of app-centric strategies, with a choice of multiple ‘pick and mix’ marketing tools, such as:

  • Live customer feedback and exit surveys (net promoter scores)
  • Push & pull notifications
  • New revenue streams via e-commerce
  • Video and picture streaming
  • Real time, location and context-aware communication

Cutting-edge geofence triggered customer engagement plug-in for your app

Right time. Right place. Right message.

Mobile engagement where your app is installed, even if the app
isn’t open.

Live engagement in specified locations at specified times with user-friendly and precise polygon targeting.

Live audience connection as soon as they enter your specified location/venue, while safeguarding the anonymity and privacy of your customers.

Comprehensive, dynamic, live
and location-specific analytic insight

Capture real-time customer insights and improve performance

Bubbl gives new data insights, including live app presence footfall data.

Get valuable real time attendance and movement analytics.

Real-time feedback from customers in your specified locations.

Sophisticated analytic tools and graphs capturing campaigns’ performance.

Response filtering with custom rules. 

Live dashboard – fully hosted and accessed via a secure login page.

Free Footfall Analysis

Benefit from Bubbl’s clever Customer Counting Tool and discover invaluable data

Interested to see how could we improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns with Bubbl’s geo-triggered customer engagement content?

We love sharing our developments, so for a limited time only, we’re offering you a free Customer Counting Tool that gives you exclusive access to footfall data within your chosen locations/venues.


  • See how many of your app users pass through your locations hourly, daily and weekly to reveal how to boost performance and drive profits
  • Uncover the number of purchasing and missed opportunities within each of your venues to convert passers-by into valuable consumers
  • Discover how many of your customers could receive marketing content based on their proximity to your venue
  • Reveal the best times to target your customers with geo-triggered campaigns to increase sales



Built over the last 2 years by highly-skilled developers, Bubbl was conceptualised to provide companies with a disruptive ‘off-the-shelf’ geolocation solution for proximity marketing.


Our promise is to provide easy to install, precise, accurate and elegant functionality that delivers sophisticated customer engagement, bridging the communication gap between consumer and location, event or venue.


The quintessential qualities of our brand are strongly rooted in the blending of innovation and meaningfulness. Our passion for developing simple, but sophisticated technologies that build relationships between consumers and companies is what drives us forward.


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