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Supercharge your app with Bubbl, the all in one mobile marketing toolkit. Easily build better and more valuable customer relationships with hyper local, rich media notifications. 

Keep it simple.

Bubbl is a simple yet sophisticated mobile marketing plugin API for any app owner. Our cloud based marketing platform unlocks a new type of engagement between app owner and consumer, based on location, time and relevance. Our suite of easy to use mobile marketing tools enables distribution of far more creative content than has ever previously been possible, with scheduled or live dynamic campaigns.

Get the plug in set up in minutes with a few lines of code. Log into the intuitive simple to use dashboard and get going with your first campaign. Use Bubbl to generate new revenue streams, drive traffic to websites or build loyalty.  The Bubbl cloud based dashboard gives you the freedom to create, manage and analyse your mobile marketing campaigns with ease.

One product, unlimited potential.

Context-first delivery.

Bubbl allows mobile app owners to target their users and trigger hyper- contextualised messaging and rich media that is specifically relevant to where, when and how they are using the app. This means that whether arriving at or leaving a venue, inside or outside, the content that users receive is uniquely relevant to them in that exact moment.

Bubbl takes a wide range of data sources, including location, weather, user preferences, activity and processes it through its content-first engine to deliver highly targeted, user specific notifications and rich content specified and managed by you – the app owner, marketer, developer or agency. Clever blending of technology using advanced wifi, 3G, 4G and 5G capability, GPS and in phone tech means Bubbl works even in poor signal areas.

Data Input:

Real-time data.

Bubbl has a Campaign Report centre that has two options for viewing your campaign results. Use the available filters to customise your campaigns view, for example, by state, date or by specific tools within a campaign.

High-level overview – In the Campaigns Report centre, the campaign card displays high-level metrics for a campaign, such as audience and engagement. Expanding the campaign summary card allows the user to view additional metrics.

Detailed report – Viewing a more detailed campaign report is simple, allowing the user to see the impact, usage, best practice and more, with real time response data to enable on the fly instant impact view on a live campaign.

From our extensive self serve toolkit, to bespoke solutions, it’s quick
and easy to integrate Bubbl into your marketing campaigns.

Designed for developers.

We make your life easier.

Our Bubbl MMP can be accessed via our iOS, Android and React Native plugins and runs in the background without the app needing to be open. An API key makes it easy to integrate Bubbl into an existing app with minimum need for developer support post initial set up.

Integrate in 30 Minutes

Our low code API is very quick and simple to integrate into your app. It unlocks our cloud based MMP, getting you up and running in no time.

Fully Customisable

Pick and mix from existing features or contact us to discuss developing engagement tools that are unique to your brand.

Privacy first.

Prepare for the future of mobile engagement with a secure, compliant, privacy first platform. Bubbl operates a ‘zero party data’ platform designed to work within the future of Apple and Google requirements, engaging with or without a consumer’s anonymised preferences as they dictate.

Privacy by Design

Everything we do embeds app user privacy into our technology. Bubbl operates a ‘zero and first party data’ platform designed to work with ever evolving Apple and Google requirements. 

This means App owners can engage  with or without a consumer’s anonymised preferences as the app user dictates.

Zero & First Party Data

We enable anonymised audience segmentation data streams, through information customers voluntarily share with app owners though permissions and surveys. 

We also capture campaign, impact and performance data using anonymised Bubbl ID’s, a huge evolution from the age of the tracking cookies.

Secure & Certified

We have a holistic approach to security across all applications, infrastructures and processes so that your data is safe and secure.

 In addition we provide you with full support and facilitate onboarding of any size app ecosystem.

Compliance built-in

At Bubbl, privacy and data management compliance is a top priority and is built into our messaging plugin and platform from the ground up. 

We ensure that our platform is fully compliant with GDPR and emerging data privacy legislation.


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A push notification is a message delivered to app users even if they are not actively using your app. It can include any sort of important information you wish to broadcast such as new events, updates etc. Learn more
A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area, which can be used to specifically target a mobile audience based on their specific location eg a store, event or specific building, and whether they are approaching or leaving an area. Learn more
Yes, you do need an app in order to send location based notifications. If you have an app Bubbl can be added in a few simple steps.
The process is really easy, use the plugin/API code (or give it to your developer) . It’s just a few lines of code to add to your app. Once you have added this, you will be sent the details to log into your own cloud based dashboard where you can easily set up geofences, set time triggers and segment tags, add your content and view analytics. Learn more
Yes, Bubbl still works even if the app is closed or in the background.

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