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Simple Solutions

With an easy to use tool kit

Bubbl is a suite of straight forward sdk’s, accessed with an API key and managed through your private cloud based dashboard. Bubbl super-charges app retention and enables live real time engagement via any app. Our cloud based marketing platform unlocks a new type of engagement between brand and consumer, based on location, time and relevance.

Bubbl works with privacy settings, engaging with or without a consumer’s anonymised preferences as they dictate. Our tools enable distribution of far more creative content than has previously been possible. Live and dynamic or scheduled campaigns, you choose, and change as often as you like. Our multi tier structure means you can use Bubbl to generate new revenue streams.

Advanced Push

Reach both anonymous or known app users with ‘in-the-moment’ two-way push and pull customer engagement notifications, that don’t need active WIFI or beacons.


Provide exclusive, live video content direct to those at your event (no more phones in the air!) so they can share quality content on social media. Preview new video content or send useful video guides, or give video insights on location triggered tourist trails.


Provide exclusive live picture content to your audience or use pictures to help a visitor identify the person they are meeting, show people arriving who to look for on reception or introduce the concierge. Or provide exclusive images for fans to share on social media, or vouchers for easy retailer redemption.


In this age of audio, Bubbl lets you talk to mobile consumers, as they arrive in locations where you have set up audio triggers. Whether it’s information about the area, customer service advice or a sample of new music at a festival, talk to your consumers like never before.


Push exclusive merchandise to your audience at an event or venue based on real-time stock, and generate sales while they are in a buying frame of mind. Whether an exclusive location based fashion launch promo, sports events, music or entertainment, make the most of the chance to create new revenue streams and dynamic retail opportunities.


Gather quick and easy feedback live as your target audience experiences your event, approaches or leaves your venue with real-time analytics view as the responses come in. Get verified reviews because you know they were really there.

Footfall Analysis

Our technology counts anonymous footfall, allowing you to discover how many people enter your venue, location or store on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Use these insights to create effective campaigns to convert passers-by into consumers. For the first time know exactly where your app users are, whether they are known to you or anonymous, and know when is the best and most relevant time and place to reach them.

Custom Features

If you have an application for our technology that isn’t listed here, get in touch. We are developing some innovative uses for geolocation and proximity technology, extending Bubbl’s potential daily. Whether you want to introduce gamification to run a Pokemon style location based scavenger hunt, provide discounts for those nearby for your last minute hotel room bookings, or want to run a sequential trail of audio for an art or tourist trail, we can help.

How it works

Bubbl is an iOS and Android app plug-in and SDK with a sophisticated, highly accurate, geofence activation cloud-based campaign and analytics platform. Clever blending of technology using advanced wifi, 3G, 4G and 5G capability, GPS and in phone tech means Bubbl works even in poor signal areas. Pick and mix from the features we already offer or we can custom develop engagement tools that are unique to your brand.

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