Amplify your mobile marketing impact.

Deliver user preference matched content, in-location, through our plugin.


4 simple steps.

Getting started with Bubbl is easy.  Our plugins power your campaigns and activations on your app via our cloud based management and analytics platform.

Integrate our plugins into your Android and iOS apps. It’s literally a few lines of code and you are off!

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Create campaigns, content and notifications for your app via our intuitive cloud based dashboard .

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Use context, place, time & audience segments to reach app users at the right time in the right place with the right message.

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Track customer engagement and overall campaign performance in real time using Bubbl’s analytics platform.

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How it works.

Context-first delivery.

Bubbl takes a wide range of inputs, including location, user preferences, activity, audience segmentation and processes it through its content-first engine to deliver highly targeted, user specific notifications and rich content specified and managed by you – the app owner, marketer, developer or agency. 

One product, unlimited potential.

Real-time data.

Our Campaign Report centre that has two options for viewing your campaign results. 

High-level realtime overview – The campaign card displays high-level metrics for a campaign, such as audience and engagement. Expanding the campaign summary card allows the user to view additional metrics.

Detailed report – Post campaign insights allow you to see impact, engagement and metrics, enabling you to develop best practice for the next campaign.

From our extensive self serve toolkit, to bespoke solutions, it’s quick
and easy to integrate Bubbl into your marketing campaigns.

Privacy first.

Bubbl operates a ‘zero party data’ platform designed to work within the future of Apple and Google requirements, engaging with or without a consumer’s anonymised preferences as they dictate.

Privacy by Design

Everything we do embeds app user privacy into our technology. Bubbl operates a ‘zero and first party data’ platform designed to work with ever evolving Apple and Google requirements.

Zero & First Party Data

We enable anonymised audience segmentation data streams, and capture campaign, impact and performance data using anonymised  ID’s.

Secure & Certified

We have a holistic approach to security across all applications, infrastructures and processes so that your data is safe and secure.

Compliance built-in

At Bubbl, privacy and data management compliance is a top priority. Our platform is GDPR compliant.


Reach users where they are with the content they want.


A push notification is a message delivered to app users even if they are not actively using your app. It can include any sort of important information you wish to broadcast such as new events, updates etc. Learn more
A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area, which can be used to specifically target a mobile audience based on their specific location eg a store, event or specific building, and whether they are approaching or leaving an area. Learn more
Yes, you do need an app in order to send location based notifications. If you have an app Bubbl can be added in a few simple steps.
The process is really easy, use the plugin/API code (or give it to your developer) . It’s just a few lines of code to add to your app. Once you have added this, you will be sent the details to log into your own cloud based dashboard where you can easily set up geofences, set time triggers and segment tags, add your content and view analytics. Learn more
Yes, Bubbl still works even if the app is closed or in the background.

Our customers.


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