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Revolutionary mobile location based
marketing solution with simple
‘drop-in’ implementation

Revitalise your existing app with location-aware customer engagement tools. Bubbl is a location based ready built campaign management platform, with white label functionality that blends into any app with a simple SDK plugin, igniting high impact marketing opportunities in locations you specify. Just add content!

Privacy first

Bubbl is a privacy first company. GDPR compliant response filtering with custom rules ensure personal data remains just that, personal and private. Live audiences can connect as soon as they enter a specified location/venue, and anonymised data capture safeguards the privacy of users, unless they choose to opt in and share data with your app.

Quick and easy install

A developers dream, it’s easy to install Bubbl SDK’s in minutes and test drive its pre-built location-aware notifications, image, video, audio and survey tools to supercharge your mobile app. Our live platform and dashboard, has multiple engagement tools ready built, is cloud based, fully hosted and accessed via a secure login page.

Location triggered

Just add content for immediate mobile engagement wherever your app is installed, even if the app isn’t open. Dramatically reduce acquisition drop off rates and delight app users with relevant timely engagement. Run multiple geofence triggered marketing campaigns simultaneously across a limitless number of events, venues or locations.

Useful and realtime
data insights

Real-time feedback from users in your specified locations make survey responses and customer service live and dynamic. Capture real-time customer insights and improve performance. Get valuable real time attendance and movement analytics.

Dynamic content

Share engaging time, place and occasion relevant marketing content based on a user’s proximity to your venue or location. Build ‘in-the-moment’ mobile marketing campaigns, change content on the fly and respond with dynamic engagement.

New revenue stream

White label apps, agencies and brands can generate new revenues and partnerships, enabling geofences and campaigns on any app. Introduce advertisers to a new way of using mobile, free of ad blockers and with no limit to app-centric engagement potential.

Footfall Analysis

The Bubbl footfall analysis gives insight into who is in the area with your app on their phone.  Whether you are trying to plan the best time and area to target a campaign or you are looking for data relating to campaign impact, Bubbl will help with genuine attribution and impact data for evidencing campaign effectiveness.

Music and Entertainment

An exciting evolution in music and entertainment app engagement

Artist, music, ticketing and event fan apps get new revenue generation potential and brand leverage for artists to build loyalty and sell merchandise or video and audio content. Use Bubbl to add the ability to explore radio/media and tv collaborations, last minute ticketing, nearby entertainment and theatre tickets

Travel and Tourism

Bring destinations and travel experiences to life

Whether destination or accommodation apps, airlines, airports, attraction, ticketing or train operators, Bubbl can help you bring the location to your users, with dynamic real time updates and what’s nearby information, for customer engagement, innovative tourist trails, last minute promotion opportunities and more.

Sport and Leisure

Nudge and engage fans and bring leisure to your users

Bubbl is a dream addition for fan apps, sports club white label apps, sport and leisure allowing you to segment engagement with multiple venues, clubs, and fans simultaneously with live dynamic engagement. Link to sport fan merchandise, trigger engagement and promotions based on live action, or allow sponsors to maximise their mobile moments with new ways to engage fans.


Calling radio, tv, digital publisher apps

For radio, newspapers, magazine, tv, and digital media channels, Bubbl creates an extraordinary content and customer engagement tool for connecting with app users, sharing promotions, competitions and location relevant content, news and customer engagement.  Coupled with its new revenue generation potential, Bubbl is the ‘go to’ content distribution and revenue generation tool for the mobile digital media industry.

Benefits for resellers

Partnership opportunities available for media partners, agencies, brands and tech partners looking for unlimited revenue potential.

Provide sub licences to client apps, or create a new media channel to enable your own partners, sponsors and advertisers to use your app footprint and our powerful location and customer engagement tools.

Multiple opportunities to quickly and easily build new revenue streams using content, location and scheduled or realtime engagement.

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