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Revolutionary mobile location based marketing
solution with simple ‘drop-in’ implementation.


Made for the industry,
by the industry.

Revitalise your existing app with location-aware customer engagement tools. Bubbl is a location based ready built campaign management platform for mobile. It delivers content ‘out of app’ even when your app is closed.

White label functionality that blends into any app with a simple plugin, igniting high impact marketing opportunities in locations you specify. Just add content!

Bubbl for;

  • App User Retention
  • Customer Engagement
  • ROI and Revenue
  • Impact and Attribution
  • Out of App Content

Footfall Analysis.

The Bubbl footfall analysis gives insight into who is in the area with your app on their phone. Whether you are trying to plan the best time and area to target a campaign or you are looking for data relating to campaign impact, Bubbl will help with genuine attribution and impact data for evidencing campaign effectiveness.

Music and Entertainment.

An exciting evolution in music and entertainment app engagement.

Artist, music, ticketing and event fan apps get new revenue generation potential and brand leverage for artists to build loyalty and sell merchandise, video and audio content. Use Bubbl to add the ability to explore radio/media and tv collaborations, last minute ticketing, nearby entertainment and theatre tickets.

Travel and Tourism.

Bring destinations and travel experiences to life.

Whether destination or accommodation apps, airlines, airports, attraction, ticketing or train operators, Bubbl can help you bring the location to your users, with dynamic real time updates and what’s nearby information, for customer engagement, innovative tourist trails, last minute promotion opportunities and more.

Sport and Leisure.

Nudge and engage fans and bring leisure to your users.

Bubbl is a dream addition for fan apps, sports club white label apps, sport and leisure allowing you to segment engagement with multiple venues, clubs, and fans simultaneously with live dynamic engagement. Link to sport fan merchandise, trigger engagement and promotions based on live action, or allow sponsors to maximise their mobile moments with new ways to engage fans.


Use your app to build a hyper local community on an international scale.

For communities, councils, retailers, membership organisations, loyalty, media and publisher apps, Bubbl turns apps into an extraordinary channel for sharing content and driving app user engagement. Connect over useful content, promotions, competitions, local offers, and location relevant news and information. Coupled with new revenue generation potential Bubbl is the must-have rocket fuel for retaining mobile app users.

Benefits for resellers.

Benefits for resellers.

Bubbl is a mobile marketing messaging platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers through personalised, relevant content. Bubbl’s platform offers a range of benefits for resellers and distributors who are looking to sell the product to their own customers.

Resellers can earn recurring revenue through commission-based models or by charging a fee for implementation and management services.

Strong monetization opportunities for app owners with sponsorships, branded partnerships, deep linking and content sharing opportunities.

Comprehensive enterprise grade platform and app plugins/API’s enabling integrations, analytics and reporting tools for data-driven decision making.

Along with our ongoing commitment to innovation, we have a commitment to collaboration and love to help our App owners and Agency partners deliver unique, branded customer experiences.

Revitalise your app.


Yes, Bubbl is able to send location triggered rich content notifications in every single country in the world.

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Yes, you can adjust your notifications according to your users’ demographics, preferences etc. We offer several tools to help you hand this, including standard options in the Dashboard, or advanced features for Enterprise users.

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Yes, Bubbl gives you access to analytics so you can see how many people received or opened your notifications, in which times etc

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Yes you can personalise the notifications you send by segmenting your users into specific groups e.g according to their age, specified preferences etc.

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All users who have downloaded your app, accepted push notifications and switched on location can receive geofenced notifications when they approach the geofence you have created.

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